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The Intent Case

The Intent Case [Presale]

The Intent Case [Presale]

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The Intent Case is a revolutionary time-lock for your smartphone that locks for an irreversible period of time. A pocket-sized case designed to help you commit to a more intentional life, pre-sale is now available with a special discounted price which will help make the project possible. Coming soon in July 2023.

Key Details

The Intent Case is designed to help you block focused time for reading, family, and focus. The Intent Case features:

• Elegant form factor
• Bag-portability
• Irreversible time lock
• Rechargeable battery

Examples of how we've been using the the Intent Case include:

• Blocking 10 hour intervals from bedtime to morning, ensuring a phone-free free sleep and a distraction free morning
• Blocking 2 hour intervals for deep focused work, whether at home or at a cafe
• Blocking time with my friends and spouses—for more engaging date nights
• Time blocking walks and adventures

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